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Duane Coplin

Shannon Duane Coplin


We all miss you, but we are consoled by memories of our time together and the positive impact you had on every life you touched. On this site, we'll share pictures and memories and do our best to keep the best part of you alive.

Reflections and Eulogies

Now the voice comes from far away- but he does not understand what is being said, the tone of it was clear and beautiful and pure- like shimmering fibers of light, the sound seduced him. he had never experienced such a sence of warmth, no sound had touched him as this one had. over and over the same voices banded together upon a floating rhythm to create a choir. The light within him began to move- the warmth roamed-Always faster- It took possesion of him as everything became one with God, rest in peace my friend.

Gifts and Donations

Cards and letters can be sent to Kerri Coplin, 811 elk valley rd. Crescent City, california 95531

View of Earth from Apollo 13

 We would like to belive that Duane is looking down at us from a far better place.


Visitation hours and location:

Funeral time and location:

Interment time and location:

We may include a map to the cemetery here.

Memories are a comfort at this difficult time. Please take the time to get in touch and share yours. You can e-mail us with private messages:

A friend to all that knew him